Ecommerce specialists

We Build your ecommerce solution.

We design, build, and manage your ecommerce website, or even multiple storefronts, for multiple markets.

Customer journey
Understanding how you customers find you, and how to make your target market love you and trust you with their money. Mapping customers interactions and touch points is a tedious task. Our methods give the birds eye perspective, as well as the actionable insight needed to win customers in your day-to-day operations

Specialized ordering flows
Every product category has their own way of being purchased, and this must be reflected in ordering flows.

  • Allow for booking and appointments
  • Bundle products with services, sell as part of offer subscriptions or even installments
  • Sell inn quantities that your customers understand. Sell by square meters, sell in kilos and grams,
  • Sell a product in multiple variations, such as colors, sizes

Retail and ecommerce, unite!
Over the years, retail and ecommerce have been treated as different silos. For retailers, it’s been hard to not lose customers when they go online. For product companies, it’s even harder to balance their many sales channels and trusted resellers. We offer expertise and new concepts of how to reach true omni commerce, where retail and ecommerce reach a new level of symbiosis


Although specialized, built to spec, ecommerce solution has it’s advantages, most small to medium businesses can spend more time working with sales and marketing with ecommerce solutions from

  • WordPress and WooCommerce
    WooCommerce and WordPress is now the worlds most used CMS with ecommerce, by sites in use. WordPress is open source and has by far the largest community and eco system. However, needs frequent maintenance, and therefore we also provide day to day support for businesses running on WordPress.
  • Shopify
    One of the easiest tools to start with is Shopify, and we are part of the Shopify partners program. Shopify run your  ecommerce from the cloud, with the backing of a huge technical team, and 24/7 support. Shopify scales to any size you need, and is highly suitable when multiple storefronts or channels are needed.
  • Built to spec
    We partner with most organizations, both our or the clients preferred partners, as well as you to build the solution you require.
  • Plytix expertise and Product Information Management (PIM)
    With the rise of large ecommerce needs and multiple sales channels, comes the need for better management of product information. We can offer extensive Plytix PIM expertise.